Juventus crush FC Barcelona in quarter-final (3-0)

 The French back-footed again on a sub-level match and was weak both on the level of coverage, the break of balls or air balls, in addition to the great humiliation in front of the speed of building rebate attacks.

Jeremy was never able to keep up with the high level of Juve, and Cuadrado boasted it on several occasions, giving him the first goal pass, and his rise to attack was never useful.

The internationally retired player has formed a weak point in his team, like Mascheruano, who has been very disappointing and has failed to impose close defensive control over and over again as "cilini" in the corner kick from which the third goal

Juventus avenged revenge on the final defeat of Berlin in 2015 and knocked Barcelona 3-0 from Dybala and Chiellini in the fun match on Juventus Stadium for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

This is why the club of the old lady put forward in the semi-finals, as the Catalan club is required to at least record a four-page with a clean sheet, which is very difficult and requires an extraordinary effort also done in the Remontada (6-1) in front of Paris Saint-Germain in the round the previous
The short-cut Dybala was moving smartly, leaping from the defensive control and watching at the same time the process of playing accurately, which makes him receive the balls in positions suitable for payment and dazzled by everyone. Paolo's shots were very crucial and his team had a lot to offer. He sends them in a convex and powerful way that makes it very difficult for goalkeeper Ter Steigen.

This is not all. The player was also in tune with his teammates with short passes and whenever he sent a ball into the rear it was dangerous and made the opponent in a critical position.

Buffon, too, was out of the range of serious attempts, with only Iniesta in the first half. The Italian giant kept his focus and showed great courage in most of the individual encounters. In the long shots, he was playing in a very special time and deserved full praise for his excellent level
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