Sudden fall for Barcelona in Malaga

Barcelona failed to exploit the gift of Atletico Madrid and fell suddenly in front of Malaga 2-0 in a very enjoyable game on the ground, "La Rosaleda" for the account of the 31st round of the Spanish league.
And lost the Catalan club this result the opportunity to jump on the lead, but the difference between him and the Real extended to 3 points, while the club raised the Andalusian score to the point 30 in the 14th position
Barcelona went on to play the attacking and determined to open the result, as he pressed strongly in the opponent and created many of the opportunities that was the most prominent in the 16th minute, as Luis Suarez spilled in the depth and then skillfully shot the penalty, but the goalkeeper "Idris Kamini" Of the ball brilliantly removed from the danger of its regions.

With a free-kick in the 22nd minute, the best player in the world, 5 times Lionel Messi, managed to open the score, skillfully pushing the ball past the top of the wall smartly, but he was not lucky at the end of the game with a few inches.

The Andalucian club responded with a counter-attack that Richeo almost took advantage of in the 24th minute. He slipped deep into the net and sent a surprising shot to Terje Stegen, who was a little ahead of his goal. .

Eight minutes later, Malaga managed to surprise the Catalan club. From a counter-attack, Sandro Ramirez received a trap from the midfield and then sped past Mathew to the right of Terje Steigen, hugging the net and sending the joy For terraces.

The Catalans tried in the remaining minutes of the first half to come back with a grueling squeeze and successive shots from the outskirts of the penalty area, but the Andalusians' defense and goalkeeper Camini were sent off with significant progress towards changing rooms.

Barcelona did not stop in the second half of the attack and try by various means and methods, not direct strikes consecutive consecutive "for Messi" was able to surprise Cameroon goalkeeper and the penetration of the parties and the depth had to eat, while Malca was trying to counterattack and almost doubled the result. In the 67th minute, Sandro received the ball in the rear and then turned it over to the solitary "Goanbee", but the latter's shot was weak and the goalkeeper picked it up very easily.

After his dangerous header in the 64th minute, which was almost in the way to change the result, especially as the goal was empty as the keeper came out of his goal, Neymar left the ground after the collapse of a reluctant merger with one of the elements of the opponent, leaving his team complete the game with only 10 players .

Despite the many attempts of Messi, Suarez and the changes made by Enrique, Barcelona failed to modify the score, and even the counterattacks of the owners were the most dangerous and made them spend them completely for a second goal in time scattered through "Johnny
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